You are in the right place.

The attorneys and staff at Cramer Law Center feel the same way. We have walked our own personal journey and directed our focus toward estate planning after years of litigation work. We are not your typical law firm, and we are happy to share that story with you. We believe in personalized attention to assist in the estate planning process so you can have peace of mind that the plan you leave behind will work—even when you no longer have a voice.

Cramer Law Center is the only estate planning law firm in Northeast Florida to have a formal, three-step planning process. We call this thorough process our “Life Legacy Program.” We meet with our clients at least annually to exchange the most current legal and personal information and keep plans up-to-date, so you can feel secure knowing all the details have been handled. At Cramer Law Center, we believe “Living Matters”…let us prove it to you.

Why Us

Cramer Law Center creates deeply personalized, easy-to-understand will and trust agreements, protecting loved ones from undue stress during a time of loss.

You see, everything we do is customized to the individual. From a disability preference, to helping title transfers to fund a trust, or hand-selecting a birthday card—it is all just for you.

Through our personalized counseling process, clients create a library of life to communicate deep-seated values and personal beliefs. These “Priceless Conversations” transfer family stories, philosophies, and wisdom—along with wealth—to loved ones. Plus, we are part of a national network of attorneys engaged in this process and the first firm in Jacksonville to offer this proprietary lifetime planning.

Add to this our ongoing support and education for clients, family, and caregivers, and it’s no wonder our clients and their loved ones have peace of mind knowing their plan will work—even when they no longer have a voice.

At Cramer Law Center, every life matters.

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