Still looking for that perfect gift for your valentine?  If so, you may be thinking an “I Love You” Will – really anything with those three little words in it – might do the trick.  But what exactly is an “I Love You” Will?

When wills and trusts lawyers talk about “I Love You” Wills, we are referring to a simple will that leaves everything first to your significant other and then to your children.  The name comes from the fact that we usually design these wills in pairs for happy couples who love each other and the responsible adult children that they had together.  If you are lucky enough to lead such an idyllic life, an “I Love You” Will might be a suitable estate plan for you.

However, there are many issues common to the rest of us that are not adequately addressed by an “I Love You” Will.  For example, such a will does not make any plan for the possibility that your significant other or one of your children will be disabled and/or receiving government benefits at the time of your death.  An “I Love You” Will also does not address who will care for your minor children, or how that care will be paid for, should something happen to you.  In fact, it doesn’t even address how you would like to be taken care of if you were to become mentally disabled.

Planning your estate can be a wonderful gift to your loved ones – and yourself – but you should consult an attorney to make sure you are getting true peace of mind and not a false sense of security.  If you would like more information on “I Love You” Wills or any other type of estate plan, we are here to help.

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