In our last newsletter, we wrote about potential issues for a dutiful child caring for an elderly parent, but what about the risk that the caretaker child is neglectful or even abusive?  This week we wanted to share a truly horrifying tale of an Australian woman’s failure to care for her elderly mother.

Cynthia Thoresen, as many aging widows do, moved into her adult daughter’s house when living alone became too daunting.  The daughter, Marguerite, obtained a government benefit to help with Cynthia’s care, which became her only income.  A couple of years later, Marguerite stopped taking her mother to doctors and filling her prescriptions.  Already Marguerite is not looking like the dutiful caretaker child, but it gets much worse.

Sometime in November 2008, Cynthia fell in the house and broke her leg.  When Marguerite finally called an ambulance approximately 3 weeks later, Cynthia was screaming from the pain.  We will spare you the gory details of Cynthia’s condition, except to say that she had lain in bed with a broken leg and without any medical care or personal hygiene all that time.  Cynthia died in the hospital a few weeks later from a blood clot caused by the broken leg.

Shockingly, Marguerite has not faced any legal consequences for her mother’s death.  What is even more appalling is that she claimed to have been honoring Cynthia’s wishes by keeping her out of a nursing home.  Although no plan can guarantee against elder abuse, we believe that thorough disability planning (legal, financial, and practical) can significantly limit opportunities for such horrific neglect.

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