Available on Netflix, “Lullaby” is a movie by Andrew Levitas about a dysfunctional family that is reunited by end-of-life issues.  Jonathan is a young man living on the opposite coast from his wealthy New York family.  Although they have been estranged for years, Jonathan agrees to visit his terminally ill father when he learns that he wishes to be taken off life support within 48 hours.

The movie follows the family drama that unfolds in the father’s last hours and the differing reactions to his decision.  The rebellious son, “perfect” daughter, loving wife, and hard-driving businessman father are characters to whom many of us can easily relate.  It’s obvious they all love each other but each has trouble coping, especially the daughter, who files for an injunction to prevent the removal of life support.  However, with a little Hollywood magic, this difficult situation ultimately brings the family closer together.

With an increasing number of people able to stay alive longer because of medical advancements, end-of-life planning has become a critical part of estate planning.  This movie screams about the need for advance planning; most of the issues could have been avoided if the father’s wishes had been discussed with his family way before the drama began!

Just another reminder of why it is so important to plan now. . . . .

Enjoy the show,

Melinda at the Movies ———

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