If you were in an accident today or became suddenly sick and couldn’t speak for yourself, would your family know your healthcare wishes? Would they know for certain what you would want the hospital and doctors to do? And would they be able to make decisions for you—or even talk to your healthcare providers on your behalf?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions for most people is no. Illness and death can certainly be unpleasant to think about, which likely explains why only about a quarter of all adults have engaged in any advance healthcare planning. Yet, this type of preparation is vitally important—for your well-being and to prevent or reduce further crisis.

That’s what yesterday’s National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) was all about: “inspiring, educating, and empowering the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning.” About stressing that all adults should discuss and document their healthcare wishes in the event of a crisis.

Why April 16th? Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, “Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.” With tax day behind us, it’s a perfect date to think about and plan for life’s other inevitability. And Cramer Law Center is here to help.

We want the message of NHDD to continue beyond yesterday and beyond this week. We’re excited to announce a special FREE healthcare decisions workshop to be held May 21st, 2015, from 5:45-6:45 pm at our office learning center. Participants will learn about all must-have healthcare planning documents—including a designation of healthcare surrogate, living will, and HIPAA release. The workshop is for anyone who does not have these planning documents in place, as well as for those whose documents are more than five years old.

The event is specially timed for parents of recent or soon-to-be high school graduates: Once a child turns 18, parents have no legal right to talk to doctors or make healthcare decisions for their child (even if the child is unable to make decisions on their own) without necessary documentation. If a child is leaving for college, documents must clearly state who will be notified and able to talk with doctors in the event of an emergency. The workshop will discuss a special service to make sure parents are notified and medical providers receive documents when needed.

Only a limited number of seats are available. Call 904-448-9978 today to RSVP!

To learn more about National Healthcare Decisions Day, visit nhdd.org.

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