A Lifetime Television-style drama is currently playing out in Florida Court.

How far will someone go to inherit an estate? Far: Second wife Narcy Novak murdered her husband, Ben, and then arranged the murder of his mother!

Narcy did this all to ensure that she and her family from a prior marriage would inherit Ben’s considerable estate. And you know what? She may get away with it.

Not Narcy herself, who will be spending the rest of her brazen life in a jail cell. But because Narcy’s daughter and two grandsons had nothing to do with the murders, the Florida “Slayer Statute” doesn’t prevent them from inheriting Ben’s estate. The statute prevents only a person who is responsible for the murder of a decedent from benefiting from the decedent’s estate, and the estate passes as if the killer died before the person she killed.

Recently, the Court in Fiel v. Hoffman ruled that Narcy’s innocent child and grandchildren are not prevented from inheriting Ben’s estate by the Slayer Statute, even though their inheriting is the exact result Narcy envisioned by her nefarious plan. Narcy’s family wins Round 1.

However, lawyers for Ben’s blood relatives made another argument. They contended the entire will was void because of “undue influence” by Narcy in the form of threats, physical attacks, home invasions, and extortions. The Court even more recently held that this argument was sufficient to move the case forward to develop the facts, despite prior case law stating that a wife’s influence over her husband generally cannot be considered “undue.” Stay tuned to see what happens next…

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