Summer is here!  That means lots of sunshine, warm weather, and kids enjoying time to play outdoors.  But will your kids be able to enjoy their summers if you are not around to care for them?  Most people do not like to think about the possibility that something may happen to them where they would not be able to care for their children, but the unfortunate reality is that unexpected things do happen.  If something occurs that renders you unable to care for your children, even for a brief period of time, and you do not have a plan naming guardians in place then the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) likely would have to take your children.  This means that your children would be cared for by strangers until you either were well again or until the authorities could figure out other arrangements.  No parent wants that.

Only about 31 percent of parents have named a guardian for their children in the event of disability or death.  This number is regrettably low considering the alternative is the DCF.  Even within these 31 percent of parents who do have a plan, there is a good chance that they have made a basic, but crucial, mistake when creating it.  For example, if a couple was named to act as guardians, what happens if they were divorced?  Or, you may not have named alternatives in the event that something happened to your first choice or in the event that first choice was unwilling to serve.  In these cases and many others, again, the DCF might take charge of your children until the authorities could sort out the issues.

Many parents are unprepared for the unexpected.  With the well-being of your children at stake, though, isn’t it time to change that?  Cramer Law Center, P.L. can create a child protection plan especially tailored to suit your individual situation.  We can help you name guardians, prepare financial plans for your children’s care, and make sure your children will be taken care of the way you want, for both short-term and long-term care.  Please feel free to call us at (904) 448-9978 to create your child protection plan.  And everyone enjoy the coming of summer!

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