Hopefully our faithful readers all know by now that there are many hazards to do-it-yourself estate plans.  What you may not know is that trying to administer your loved one’s estate without legal help is just as treacherous.  It is a great honor to be named as a loved one’s personal representative (executor) or trustee, but these roles come with great responsibility and many legal duties.

Unfortunately, we recently have encountered several individuals and families who thought that they could simply read the will or trust and hand out assets without speaking to an attorney.  Please do not make this mistake!  If you are administering a will, you do not have the authority to handle the estate just because your name is in the document – you must be appointed by a probate court.  Even if you are a trustee who manages to avoid probate court, Florida law imposes significant duties on you both when you start acting as trustee and every year thereafter.  Both personal representatives and trustees may be removed and even held personally liable if they fail to perform their duties properly.

We have seen some serious legal messes created by good people who tried to do the right thing but just did not have the right advice.  Don’t become one of them by trying to do it yourself – we are here for you and happy to help.  For more information on do-it-yourself disasters, check out our past articles: Perils of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning; Why Would You Risk Going to Jail Rather than Talk with a Lawyer?; IRS Gift Tax Audits: Yet Another Reason to Avoid Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

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