My Journey

I would like to take this opportunity to share my background with you and the journey that has led me to focus my practice on wills, trusts and inheritance.

For more than 30 years, I have been a civil trial lawyer. During that time, I have handled over 5,000 contested civil matters. I have seen families torn apart and relationships destroyed forever, judges who have no time to understand the personal situation, and a legal system with ever increasing costs and delays. All of this experience can be summed up as:  Nobody ever truly “wins” a lawsuit, because the financial and emotional toll more than offsets any trial “victory.”

Some time ago, after a rather difficult trial, I went home completely worn out and my wife asked, “What have you won?” I couldn’t answer that question. I realized it was time to take a good look at what I wanted out of my career and take an internal inventory of how I felt. The real focus for me was on helping people avoid the courthouse through education and thorough planning. It’s all about planning! I am proud to offer you a variety of legal services designed to make life smoother from a legal standpoint. Some of these services include preparation of wills, trusts and living wills; designations of health care surrogate, and naming of guardians for minor children. I can help you avoid the expense, delay and publicity of a probate proceeding; protect your minor children should something unexpected happen; and avoid being in court in a guardianship proceeding.

After years of watching thousands of stories unfold, I know that education and proper planning are the key. I hope you will give me and my capable staff the opportunity to help plan for you and your family’s future.