As a Jacksonville, Florida Probate Lawyer, I have been involved in a probate dispute among six siblings.  This probate litigation is located in Duval County, Florida.  A mother died and left her estate to be divided among her six children. The tangible personal property was to be divided equally among the six children.  However, the mother specifically stated that one of the children could continue to live in her home, but that the living arrangements would be subject to an agreement among all of her children.  This has made for quite a probate dispute.  

The children have been involved in probate litigation, because the mother did not specify what furniture and household items stayed with the house.  The children are arguing about who gets the dining room table, living room couch, whether the dishes and toaster remain with the house, etc.  One of the children has been appointed personal representative.  That child has been accused of breach of fiduciary duty and other misdeeds by the other siblings.  The probate litigation is ongoing and creating unnecessary expense which is reducing the size of the probate estate.  This is just another horror story I have seen as a Jacksonville, Florida Probate Lawyer.

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